Yan Gurevich and Lena Gurevich: Scam Artists Running Reviewopedia.com

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My grandmother has always been a careful shopper, she has never given out her credit card information online, has always been frugal with her money, and has never had the issue of being "taken" by a scam artist. Always intuitive about these kinds of fraudulent companies, she has managed to stay away from bad deals her entire life. This is why I was so confused when I heard that she had sent money to an online business and was devastated to learn that she had lost it all. When I asked her why she had done it, since it was so uncharacteristic of her, she replied that she had done her research and that she had read great reviews about the business. ReviewOpedia.com had provided positive recommendations, so she went for it. The problem here is that ReviewOpedia.com is run by Yan Gurevich and Lena Gurevich, who are scam artists that make a living by posting fake reviews!

A huge violation of FTC guidelines, posting fake reviews is illegal because it purposefully misleads the well-meaning consumers that read them. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I immediately did some research of my own and found that others have had this same problem. Please speak out if you know anything about these criminals! Yan's birthday is 6/9/1984.

Call Stacey Furgesson at 202-326-2361 or Victor DeFrancis at 202-326-3495 to report what you know!

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Yeah, SCAM that's what it is!!!

When I wrote a positive review on a product I would recommend, I started receiving insulting comments saying my review was not true and that I was a liar!


I just had to make a quick search to find out who's the real liar and scammer: ReviewOpedia. They're not BBB accredited and seem to be involved in suspicious web stuff. In addition to that, you have to log in with your email account AND password!!!!

You better be quick to change your password after leaving a comment or you'll get hacked.

My advise?DENOUNCE THAT WEBSITE and encourage others to do so ...

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